Carregador de bateria inteligente

Carregador de bateria inteligente

Prolonga em até 10 anos a vida útil das baterías

This battery chargers is used in Australia, USA, UK,China, South Africa, Thailandand other South East Asiancountries. They are operatingon Diesel Locomotives, DMUs,EMUs and Monorail.


Este carregador de baterías é atualmente utilizado na Austrália, USA, UK, China, África do Sul e outros países do sudeste asiático.

Intelligent Battery Chargers

The algorithm automatically follows the IUIU principle

Algorithms available for Lead Acid, NiCad and Nickel Metal Hydride batteries


Output current available:  80 amps to 500 amps

Output powers3 kW, 6 kW, 8 kW 11 kW. Higher powers on application

Input supply options:  Variable voltage/variable frequency 3-phase ac from locomotive alternator

Fixed 3-phase ac supply

600 Vdc or 750 Vdc from 3rd rail

Single phase transformed from 15 kV and 25 kV catenary supply